flying dog object......the ufo carpet is threadbare......... electrocution is the most desirable way to die in last year's future.......only satanists surf......the water is yella! the water is 'fraid of eve0ryone 'cept you! DON'T MONKEY WITH THE EYE IN THE SKY.....(icebergs don't melt in heaven) got a magic EAR? go to tea in the corner of your choice......head above feels good to be ever watch your own  disembodied  head float by in mid-air while you stand there paralyzed? just be thankful your mother never witnessed such an atrocity!

ROAR HANDS????? (ya got hot buttered biscuits in yer ears, son?) well we got here is : what is it we have here? an abandoned church with a faded sign on the door that lists the names of all your known living relatives below the warning "ALL ARE WELCOME- EXCEPT THE FOLLOWING PERSONS!)........"real snake handlers do it naked"........frogman henry say "sell me a sharp stick so that i might poke myself in the eye!" THAT AIN'T GONNA DO YA NO GOOD THAT THERE'S LAST YEAR'S SURVIVAL GUIDE...........maybe all at once the invisible man gains too much strength and he looks like every man........

Celebrity Handshake (s/t) CD

Celebrity Handshake-Also Staring Celebrity Handshake as Celebrity Handshake CD

Daytime Drugs-Waitin' for the UFO CD

Daytime Drugs-(s/t)CD